If you want a commission…

  1. Tell me what you want!

  • water colour or acrylic?

  • paper, canvas, or wood?

  • what size?

  • is it a recreation of something else I’ve done, or is it an original?

  • details of the design: shapes, colours, style, etc.

  • you can send me pictures for inspiration, too!

I need every part of this step answered, otherwise I cannot proceed with your commission.

2. Be prepared to send me a 50% deposit.

  • because of a previous experience doing a commission, I have to do this to ensure that the customer is dedicated to purchasing what they have asked for.

  • on the bright side, shipping/delivery is included in the total cost!

3. Cost

  • the base cost of my commissions is $20.

  • the price will go up depending on the medium, what you want it created on, size, complexity of design.

  • if you have a particular price in mind, let me know and we can work with it!

4. Send me all this information!

  • now you’ve answered every question, and added more to be sure you get exactly what you want! Email or dm me on instagram this information.

  • then we can go forward with the 50% deposit.

  • once all the information is in, and the deposit is completed, I can begin working on your commission.

  • I will send you update pictures as I work on your piece!

Thank you for considering me to do your commission- I look forward to hearing from you!

- ce