Raw Artists Experience

A blog where I try to put into words one of the biggest nights of my life- October 15, 2018.

I’ve been struggling to turn my experience into words. My first art show. Something I had once dreamed about, and just as quickly, grew scared of. But I am so grateful for it. For being found by Raw Artists and asked to join them October 15, to meet and develop amazing friendships with fellow artists (from many arts!), to push myself to new limits: in my art and within myself. The anxiety I had coming up to the event was W I L D. It drained me like nothing before.

Despite the challenges I had to overcome in myself- I had an incredible experience. So many friends and family attended the event. The support was overwhelming (it was hard not to cry tears of joy, guys!). I felt a bit like a bobble head, all over the place and out of focus. But I was so so thankful for the love and support. I was probably having sensory overload with the loud music and flashing lights and insane amount of people (which many of you know I am not a fan of- but I did it! Me and my introverted, anxious self did it! Woop woop!).

So many of you bought pieces too! Wow, honestly that was such a huge compliment. I was and incredibly flattered. Some of the people who purchased my work I didn’t previously know, but now I do! And I’m so grateful to of met you & hear what you see in my art. I love to hear what people think- it’s so cool how we can pull different ideas, emotions, feelings from one piece of art. So thank you for giving me your points of view. I don’t think I can thank you all enough.

Speaking of thanks- I want to really thank Paloma and Hannah for coming as my assistants. I was so frazzled and all over the place, and if it wasn’t for them, I definitely wouldn’t of been ready in time! Plus their ideas made my booth look awesome and I am so grateful! Love you guys! 

Would I do a Raw Artists show again? Yeah! I actually applied for one in Victoria. We will have to wait and see what happens with that. Even if it is loud and crowded- it’s an amazing atmosphere to meet other artists & show off your talent! If you’re considering doing a show, do it! Just apply. You got this. 

Thank you forever for all the support. I love you all.